About Us

"You can't pour from an empty cup." - Lao Tsu.

Recognizing this timeless wisdom, our clients reach out, ready to fill their cups, and bravely face their growing edges, shadow sides, and blind spots.

Embracing therapy requires courage, as it often means shedding light on areas tucked away for self-preservation. Behind every closed door within us lies an opportunity, a step towards our destiny.

At Doorway, we understand that life’s journey can lead us to close these doors, often to navigate through struggles and complications. 

We believe in the transformative power of opening them. Our clients have experienced life’s complexities yet remain changemakers, devoted to bettering their world, community, and family. They may or may not be familiar with therapy but are conscious of its benefits and ready to experience those benefits for themselves.

We facilitate this journey of self-discovery by providing trauma-focused therapeutic services, social justice-oriented work, LGBTQ+ informed therapy, and BIPOC-centered counseling, among others. Our purpose is to identify the issues that hold you back and provide tools that empower you to combat them.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Stepping into work at Doorways means you’re no longer alone on your healing journey. We’re not just therapists, but reliable community members that know the real struggles you may face as you work to unlock your innate strengths and resilience in a world that can often feel overwhelming. The foundation of our philosophy is empathy, authenticity, and applying a decolonial lens to healing. We know all too well the  challenges faced by those with marginalized identities and the ways external and internalized colonization impact our day-to-day lives. We create a comforting environment that assures you that your feelings, struggles, and lived realities are seen, heard, and can be met with the utmost care.

At the heart of our approach is an unwavering commitment to liberation. We stand firmly for self-empowerment, encouraging you to embrace your uniqueness and stand firm against life’s hurdles with resilience and the knowledge of who you are! We’re here, ready and dedicated, to equip you with the resources you need to foster growth and triumph over challenges. One thing about us, Doorways isn’t just a service provider; we are partners, co-conspirators, cheerleaders, and highly trained experts offering healing for us by us. We’ll be with you as you work through your internal landscape and as you grow into your fullest healthiest self. As one door closes, another opens. We’re here to explore all the doors of self-discovery, understanding, and resilience with you. 

Our Team

Ready to step through the doorway to a more fulfilled life and embark on the journey towards self-care NOW?