Your therapist: Andrés González (he/they/él)

Special interests: psychedelics, spiritual emergence, decolonial mental health, trauma-healing
Works with: Queer, BIPOC, TGNCNB, transracial adoptees, activists, spiritual practitioners, healers
Affirming: PWUD, SWers, Kinksters and Non-monogamy.

Andrés González is an Associate Clinical Social Worker supervised by Courtney Watson (LMFT 98943). He’s a two-spirit, queer, and trans Mestizo with Indigenous, Mexican, and European ancestries, and he’s also a domestic transracial adoptee. Andrés’ lived experience healing from complex childhood trauma and embodying multiple marginalized identities has largely informed his path as a medicine man, psychotherapist, and lay Dharma teacher. He honors the curanderxs in his ancestral lineages and the many wounded healers, plant teachers, spiritual abolitionists, Bodhisattvas, and healing justice practitioners he stands on the shoulders of in this work of liberation, without whom he would not have been empowered on this path of healership and Spirit.

Andrés works well (not exclusively) with other queer & TGNCNB folx, BIPOC, and/or transracial adoptees, particularly those interested in exploring decolonial approaches to mental health i.e. individual healing in service to collective healing, ancestral & cultural veneration, and reclaiming Indigenous ways of knowing & being. Andrés also holds space for folx integrating (inspiring, cathartic, bewildering, frightening, & fill-in-the-blank) psychedelic journeys, with a niche appreciation for supporting folx through the experience of spiritual emergence. His approach is relational and integrative, aware that the safety, trust, and care established between client and therapist informs the depth of the journey they will share together. In an ongoing collaboration, Andrés partners with clients as they sort through and recalibrate what it uniquely means to get free, purging imprints of individual, intergenerational, and cultural trauma on the mind, body, and spirit—awakening the client’s capacity for insight, acceptance, compassion, joy, and love as they reclaim their place and purpose in the sacred web of life.

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