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Therapy can definitely be a tool to support folx struggling with mental health challenges and it can be helpful for anyone looking for support from a professional, regardless of whether they have a diagnosis or not. We support a range of interests in starting therapy including assisting with symptom management, those seeking personal growth, and improved well-being. AND this is not mutually exclusive. Our clients tell us what they need and it is our job to rise to the occasion and provide support.

Each of our therapists have their own unique specialties and the services offered may vary. Founded by a queer Black woman who refuses to participate in the wage gap, our providers’ fees start at market rate and may increase depending on years of experience and degree of advanced training in any particular area. Our rates for services are listed below:

Individual Therapy $180/session

Couples (Dyad) Therapy $200/session

Polycule (2+) Therapy $250+/session

Child Therapy $200/session

Adolescent Therapy $200/session

Family Therapy $250/session

Sex Therapy $250/session

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy – please see our ketamine page for details

Psychological Assessments- please see our Psychological Assessments page for details

Medication Management- Please see our Psychiatry and Herbalism page for details

Unfortunately we do not take payments directly from insurance companies, but there are a few insurance options we can offer so you can still use your benefits. 

Single case agreements: We do make acceptions to accept insurance, If you have a single case agreement with your insurance company. There is a process to this and we can share the steps we recommend in our insurance reimbursement guide. Please note this path requires a lot of advocacy and engaging with insurance bureaucracy and it might take a few months to get this in place. With this option you pay your copay and insurance pays the rest.

Insurance reimbursement: We send monthly superbills (weekly upon request) for you to submit to your insurance company. With this option you pay the full fee upfront and the insurance company will send you a reimbursement check for a percentage of the cost. The reimbursement amount depends on your out of network benefits.


We do offer sliding scale fees but these slots tend to fill up fast. In a dedication to accessibility and holding the realities of sustainability, ⅓ of every clinician’s case is sliding scale. You can ask for sliding scale slots when you book your 20 minute free phone consultation.

Sex therapy is a specialized form of therapy focused on addressing sexual concerns, improving intimacy, desire discrepancy between partners and enhancing overall sexual well-being. It involves open discussions and guidance to explore and resolve sexual challenges. It’s important to note that there is no sexual touch involved in your sessions. Our approach to sex therapy is rooted in talk therapy, where meaningful conversations and tailored strategies are employed to help you navigate your sexual journey and achieve your desired goals.

What is ketamine therapy? Isn’t that a street drug?

Ketamine therapy is a medically supervised treatment approach that utilizes ketamine, a medication that has shown potential in addressing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. While ketamine is known to be used recreationally in certain environments, our approach is entirely different. At Doorway Therapeutic, ketamine therapy is conducted within a controlled and therapeutic setting. It is prescribed by a qualified physician and overseen by our professional staff.


Your ketamine therapy journey with us will involve distinct phases. First, we have “prep sessions” where we provide comprehensive information about the process and collaboratively define your treatment goals. During “medicine sessions,” a trained therapist will be present as you experience the effects of the ketamine. While we offer support and take notes, the experience itself is primarily non-directed, allowing you to explore your inner thoughts and feelings.The final phase, “integration sessions,” is where we come together to discuss and process the insights and emotions that arose during your medicine sessions. This essential talk therapy component helps weave the experiences from your ketamine sessions into your broader healing journey.

Rest assured, at Doorway Therapeutic, our ketamine therapy is a well-structured and professionally guided approach aimed at fostering healing and personal growth. Your safety, comfort, and well-being are our utmost priorities throughout the entire process.

Yes! We want to you to be completely comfortable when you embark on this journey and are fully aware of the relief when you find a therapist with similar identities. While no two experiences are the same, regardless of similar background, we support you selecting the therapist who most resonates with you regardless of the reason.

If you don’t know where to start feel free to read through each of our team members’ pages. You’ll find the services they provide as well as information about them. Who most resonates with you? Who do you find you keep coming back to? Now I know we have an amazing team, so if you find that you can’t pick one therapist feel free to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with multiple therapists. Let your time on the phone help you decide who will be the best fit for you. Its free, why not?

The pandemic changed therapy as we know it! While we offered online before the pandemic we went exclusively online in 2020. As therapists and clients have felt more comfortable coming into the office for in person sessions, some of our clinicians have resumed in person therapy. Check the therapists bio to see if they are offering online and/or in person sessions. We are no longer requiring masking or testing for in person treatment but if either of these feels best for you, you can discuss with your therapist what safety precautions feel best for both of you.

We prioritize the effectiveness of your therapeutic journey, which is why we offer weekly therapy sessions for new clients. Currently, we do not provide bi-weekly sessions. This decision is rooted in our belief that regular weekly sessions are crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and tailoring our approach accordingly. It allows for a consistent and deeper exploration of your experiences, promoting a more accurate assessment of how we can best support you.


For those who are new to our services, we offer an initial 4-session assessment phase. During this phase, you have the opportunity to work closely with your therapist and gauge whether the therapeutic relationship is a good fit for your needs. It’s a valuable period of exploration and discovery, ensuring that both you and your therapist are aligned in your goals and expectations.

Therapy is voluntary and you can end at any time. That said, we know getting to know a new therapist can be just as hard as it feels like a relief. We offer a 4 session assessment phase for you to make sure this therapist is the best fit for you. During time open up but also know that there is no committed therapeutic relationship during this time. After the fourth session you will officially enter a therapeutic relationship.

 YAY!! We are happy to be able to support you! You can go to the About Us section to find information on our therapists and select the person who is the best fit. Each therapist has a link to their scheduling page at the bottom of their bio. Or you can reach out to our intake coordinator and they will send you bios for a list of therapists who are currently taking new clients.