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We understand the importance of providing specialized support to colleagues in the mental health field who may encounter unique challenges and topics in their practice.

At Doorways our dedicated consultation offerings encompass a spectrum of essential topics, including sex therapy cases, working with sex workers, navigating the intricacies of kinky and non-monogamous relationships, addressing race and racial dynamics in treatment, and expanding knowledge about the transformative realm of psychedelic-assisted therapy. At Doorway, we understand the unique complexities these areas entail and are here to provide insightful guidance and collaborative solutions to empower therapists on their journey toward delivering inclusive, effective, and culturally sensitive care.

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We offer case consultation services designed to assist therapists and providers who are seeking guidance on a variety of specialized areas, including working with Queer clients when you’re not Queer, working with Kinky or Poly clients when you’re not kinky or non-monogamous, working clients who identify as Black, Indigenous, AAPI, Latino or another person of color when that is not an identity you hold. We assist therapists in understanding and meeting the unique needs of their clients, fostering an environment of respect, cultural competence, and effective support.

Our team of highly trained experts specializes in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy, possessing the advanced knowledge and extensive experience necessary to navigate these specialized fields. We understand that these areas of therapy demand unique skills and insights that may not be widely accessible. Whether you are a clinician seeking to explore the potential of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in your practice or a therapist looking to expand into the realm of sex therapy, we are here to provide the guidance and support you need to enhance your clinical work.

Additionally, we acknowledge the importance of providing guidance to our psychedelic and sex therapy colleagues. We recognize that clients with Queer, Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC), and BIPOC identities may have distinct needs and experiences that require sensitive and culturally competent support. We are well-equipped to assist professionals in navigating these complexities and ensuring that the care they provide is inclusive and affirming. By partnering with Doorway Therapeutic for case consultation, you gain access to our team’s expertise, knowledge, and compassionate guidance. We are dedicated to helping you enhance your skills, expand your understanding, and provide the highest level of care to your clients.

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