Your Therapist: LaViza Fuentes (she/her)

Special interests: “sensitive” people, ancestral healing.
Works with: Queer, BIPOC, TGNC.
Affirming: SWers, Kinksters and Non-monogamy.

LaViza Fuentes is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) supervised by Roz McMillan (LCSW 85799). She works well with those who want to experiment with various ways of discovering themselves, especially BIPOC and queer individuals struggling with their sense of belonging. In a modern world that keeps us occupied with everything other than ourselves, she provides a non judgemental space where clients can slow down and tune into their needs, intuition, and unique form of self expression. In your work with LaViza you will detach from stories that are rooted in systems of oppression, to make room for your mind, body, and spirit to access your unique inner wisdom. With knowing and rooting in you as the foundation for your therapeutic journey, LaViza also makes space for the challenges  adults and children that are highly sensitive, and were often devalued as “too emotional,” have to face. She works to empower and reframe sensitivity as a superpower! Continuing along the lines of being rooted in your truth of self, LaViza employs intergenerational exploration and ancestral work as a psychotherapeutic tool for self discovery and self celebration. She understands the desire to connect with one’s ancestry, even when there isn’t a clear path, and invites you to embrace the unknown as you embark on this journey, allowing intuition to be the  guide to what feels right. She also emphasizes the significance of re-indigenizing during the healing journey, reclaiming the practices and healing modalities that have served your ancestors and bringing that into your self healing practice. If you’re interested in turning inward for solutions on your path to healing and personal growth click the link below to schedule a time to talk today!*

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