Your Therapist: Sunoo Youm (they/them)

Special interests: AAPI, immig.
Works with: Queer, BIPOC, TGNC.
Affirming: SWers, Kinksters and Non-monogamy.

Sunoo is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist supervised by Courtney Watson (LMFT 98943). Sunoo is a great fit for BIPOC/AAPI queer folx who hold a myriad of identities that may feel at odds with one another. Those who feel stuck between many different worlds and don’t fit into a single, neat box want to be okay with that. Sunoo provides a safe space for clients to embark on an internal journey to find out where these feelings of shame, “too much”, and “not enough” come from and to dismantle them. They are excited to support clients in finding the nuanced threads of their intersecting identities and to weave them together into their own beautiful and unique fashion. If you feel like a creature in a person-skin-suit, you’re not alone! 

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