Your Therapist: Kristina Modeste (she/they)

Special interests: Mindfulness, Somatic practices.
Works with: Couples, polycules, SWers, Queer, BIPOC, TGNC, ACE spectrum.
Affirming: SWers, Kinksters and Non-monogamy.

Kristina Modeste is a polyamourous, Trini-American femme Associate Marriage and Family Therapist supervised by Courtney Watson (LMFT 98943). Born and raised in the Bay area, they believe the transformative power of relationship has the potential to move us further away from colonized markers of wellness, and closer to a version of healing rich in authenticity and self-compassion. They hold empathic space for Queer and TGNC folx to celebrate the fullness of their intersecting identities, as they step away from oppressive cis-hetero narratives.

They enjoy supporting poly folx as they build an emotional vocabulary, increase their ability to sit with the inevitably uncomfortable moments that arise, and to affirm ya’lls specific version of non-monogamy! You can expect our therapeutic work to be informed by my years of experience as a pleasure centered yoga instructor and breathwork practitioner. Together, we’ll prioritize pleasure, play, and curiosity as we cultivate a healthful relationship to self and community.

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