Your Therapist: Taryn Smith (she/her)

Special interests: expressive arts.
Works with: artists, Queer, BIPOC, TGNC.
Affirming: SWers, Kinksters and Non-monogamy.

Taryn is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) supervised by Leticia Brown (LMFT 116486). Taryn loves working with creatives and artists, innovators and activists who are looking to break limiting patterns and cycles in their art, work and relationships. As a somatic expressive arts therapist she operates off the the idea that what happens to you in your life is stored and processed not only in the mind but also in your body. In your work together you’ll explore how to work through personal and creative deadlocks, cope, and create while living in a world that often does not view your work/existence as valid, manage symptoms of emotional overwhelm, creative fatigue, and “imposter syndrome” while using creative art and body-centered approaches that reach beyond the limitations of traditional talk therapy and help get to the ‘root of it’. Her therapeutic approach centers on playfulness, well placed humor and warmth while simultaneously offering an assertive, focused, and no BS approach to the therapeutic process. If you’re an individual, couple, thruple or polycule looking to build and maintain stronger more connected relationships, increase your ability to trust yourself and others, clarify your sense of direction personally and/or professionally and increase your ability to experience more peace and pleasure click the link below to schedule time to talk today!

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