Its "Genital Sculpting" not Mutilation: Reflections on Neocolonialist Obsession with African* Vulvas.


Session Module Seven Sacred Wisdom.

Psychedelics Today | Vital

Integrating Layers, Integrating Intersections

Therapy and Wellness

Supporting Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for non-KAP therapists.

Pacific Center

Didactic Training: Intro to KAP in QTBIPOC Communities.

Alma Institute

Working with Systemically Oppressed and Marginalized Clients

Center for Optimal Living

Creating a Life That You Don't Want to Run From Psychedelic Integration Lecture #2

Calif. Instit. of Integral Studies

Into the Margins of Sex Therapy

Calif. Instit. of Integral Studies

Honoring African Traditional & Diasporic Religious Practices in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with Black Clients

Panels & Speaking Engagements

Black & Healthy Conference:



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The Ancestor Project

Oakland Psychedelics conference:

Modern day medicine woman from licensed to legacy

Psychedelics & Sensuality:

Decolonizing Intimacy through Relationship Anarchy

The End in Mind:

Why Access in Psychedelics Virtual Conference


Queering Psychedelics 2 "Queer Ketamine"